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National Mediation Board Alumni Association


Generations of career NMB employees, as well as Members of the Board, have provided a legacy of dedicated public service - and should not be forgotten.
  The National Mediation Board Alumni Association here remembers and honors our colleagues who have passed away (104 honorees to date).
  We have made an honest effort to identify as many deceased NMB alumni as possible, without regard to their former organizational status.  

The honor listing that follows includes those NMB alumni who have passed away since 1955.  
Honorees are listed in alphabetical order with the year of the former employee's death indicated where known.  

Joseph E. Anderson
Mediator (1998)

Charles R. Barnes
Mediator, Executive Director (2002)

Ross A. Barr
Mediator (1963)

Ann Bauerlein
Office Specialist (1985) 

Peter C. Benedict
Board Member (1972)

Harry D. Bickford
Mediator (2011)

Robert Boyd
Board Member (1979)

Meredith S. Buel
Public Information Officer/Special
Assistant to the Chairman (1988)

Charles H. Callahan
Mediator (2011)

Roy J. Carvatta
Administrative Officer - NRAB
and NMB Arbitration Director (2011)

Barbara Casey
Confidential Assistant (2005)

Jack Cassle
Mediator and Hearing Officer (2002)

Paul Chorbajian
Mediator (2008)

Ruth Clendenin
Secretary to the Board Members (1966)

Samuel J. Cognata
Mediator (2004)

Robert F. Cole
Mediator, Secretary of the Board (1967)

Ralph T. Colliander
Mediator (2007)

Richard P. Cosgrave
Mediator (2003)

Elizabeth Cowden
Office Specialist (1983)

Elinor M. Crosby
Confidential Assistant, Secretary (2012)

Alfred Della-Corte
Mediator (1987)

Shirley A. Davis
Secretary for A-Cases (2011)

Mary E. Dillon
Administrative Assistant, NRAB

Aletha C. Domann
Administrative Officer (2012)

Francis J. Dooley
Mediator (1984)

Frank P. Douglas
Board Member (1966)

Charles M. Dulen
Mediator (1984)

Clarence G. Eddy
Mediator (1986)

Leverett Edwards
Board Member (1989)

Lawrence Farmer
Mediator (1995)

Robert J. Finnegan
Mediator (2003)

Ross Foran
Mediator (1955)

Eugene C. Frank
Mediator (1970)

Howard Gamser
Board Member (1983)

William A. Gill, Jr.
Mediator, Deputy Executive Director, 
Executive Director (1999)

Nancy Glassman
Confidential Assistant (2005)

Arthur Glover
Mediator (1976)

Thomas Greene
Mediator (1995)

Grace Guiod
Confidential Assistant (1989)

Edward F. Hampton
Mediator (1982)

Robert O. Harris
Board Member (2007)

Patrick D. Harvey
Mediator (1960)

Raymond R. Hawkins
Mediator-Representation (2003)

James M. Holaren
Mediator (1977)

Leland Howard
Administrative Officer, NRAB

Muriel Humphreville
Executive Secretary, Fourth Division, NRAB

Cornelius E. Hurley
Mediator (1955)

Thomas B. Ingles
Mediator (2005)

George S. Ives
Board Member (2009)

Magdalena G. Jacobsen
Board Member (2008)

Matthew E. Kearney
Mediator (1974)

Eugene A. Killeen
 Executive Secretary, First Division, NRAB (1999)

Thomas C. Kinsella
Mediator (1984)

William F. Klatte
Mediator (1963)

Katharine P. Lane
Secretary to the Board Members (2003)

Warren S. Lane
Mediator (1988)

William M. Leiserson
Board Member (1957)

Mitchell D. Lewis
Assistant Executive Secretary (1983)

Albert L. Lohm
 Mediator (1956)

Jeffrey MacDonald
Deputy Chief of Staff (2011)

George S. MacSwan

Ruth Maher
Secretary to the Board Members

Raymond McElroy
Mediator (1977)

Kay McMurray
Board Member (2012)

E.B. ("Ben") Meredith
Mediator, Staff Mediation Director (2014)

William F. Mitchell, Jr.
Mediator (1956)

Herman L. Moffett
Office Specialist (1982)

Dorothy Moke
Secretary to the Executive Secretary

  Charlotte Moore
Secretary to the Executive Secretary (1984)

Lala More
Files Manager (1981)

John F. Murray
Mediator (1961)

James E. Newlin
Mediator (1976)

Michael O'Connell
 Mediator (1982)

Francis A. O'Neill 
Board Member (1992)

Paul Paulian
Files Manager (1989)

Angelo W. Paulos
Executive Secretary, Third Division, NRAB (1982)

Charlie A. Peacock
Mediator (2014)

Al Penfold
Mediator (1957)

William Pierce
Mediator, Representation Director, 
Hearing Officer (1996)

Patrick V. Pope
 Administrative Officer, NRAB (1967)

Roland K. Quinn, Jr.
Mediator, Executive Secretary, 
Executive Director (1989)

Etta Rector
 Office Specialist (1987)

Judson L. Reeves
Mediator (1968)

C. Robert Roadley
Mediator, Assistant Executive Secretary (2003)

Walter G. Rupp
Mediator (1988)

Harry A. Sassaman
Executive Secretary, Second Division, NRAB (1963)

Tedford E. Schoonover
Mediator (1988)

Alfred H. Smith
Mediator (1979)

Paul W. Smith

Ronnie Steinat
Administrative Specialist (1996)

David H. Stowe
Board Member (1997)

Ronald Swanson
Assistant Arbitration Director (2014)

Frank K. Switzer
Mediator (1970)

Cathy Thibault
Assistant Administrative Officer (2012)

E. C. Thompson
Chief Mediator, Executive Secretary (1985)

T. Lewis Townsend
Public Information Officer (2006)

Thomas A. Tracy
Mediator, Assistant Executive Secretary,
Executive Secretary (2004)

  A. Ivan Tummon
 Executive Secretary, Third Division, NRAB (1959)

Josephine Vass
Assistant to Executive Secretary (1984)

Charles F. Wahl
Mediator (1974)

Walter C. Wallace
Board Member (2007)

Charles L. Woods
Board Member (1992)

Luther Wyatt
Mediator (1986)

Priscilla C. Zeigler
Confidential Assistant, Assistant to Arbitration
Director, Arbitration Director (1999)


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